About us

Reach Crane Trucks provides convenience, hassle-free pick up and delivery of goods and merchandise where loading or unloading is a problem.

At Reach Crane Trucks you can trust our drivers with your load. The trucks are regularly maintained and the drivers have the skill and credentials to properly ensure the safety and transportation of your load.

Reach now co-ordinates and dispatches full-time drivers, casual drivers, operators, mechanics, admin and sales staff as well as additional sub-contractors.

We believe Reach can offer your business the best service possible through our strong focus in the scheduling, communicating and dispatching of trucks to meet you the customer and his / her requirements.

Trucks are available to lift, shift, transport, deliver and place materials from one site to another location.

Reach Crane Trucks can advise you on the best vehicle solution for your lifting/transport requirements and our quotes are obligation-free. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At Reach Crane Trucks, all of our trucks have large capacity cranes on them capable of lifting freight weighing up to 8.5 tonne and up to 16.85m reach. All of our lifting gear is certified and regularly maintained, and is properly designed to lift all types of loads.

We have front and rear mount cranes, semi-trailers and 8-wheelers. Our Semi-Trailers include a front or rear mount crane and each driver has a mobile phone, so you can be in touch with your load at all times.

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We Specialise in:

  • Containers

  • Generators

  • Air-Con lifts

  • Cable drums

  • Concrete barriers

  • Concrete pipes

  • Concrete tanks

  • Electrical kiosks

  • Forklifts

  • Hazardous transformers

  • Machinery

  • Over height loads

  • Over length loads

  • Portable buildings

  • Signs

  • Steel erection

  • Swimming pools

  • VMS boards

  • Almost anything

Our yard is located at
46-48 Plasser Cres St Mary's.

We cater Australia Wide.

The team

  • Shane Woods

    Shane Woods

    Managing Director & Head Mechanic

    02 9673 3200

  • Jason Kvisle

    Jason Kvisle

    General Manager

    02 9673 3200

  • Daniel Pataky

    Daniel Pataky

    Operations Manager

    02 9673 3200

  • Jane Vuckovic

    Jane Vuckovic

    Admin Manager

    02 9673 3200

  • Sharon Darcy

    Sharon D'arcy

    Admin Assistant

    02 9673 3200

Recent jobs

  • Happy Retirement Bubba

    Congratulations on your retirement!

    Apologies for the essay but I don’t think Facebook would let me write the number of pages required about Robert 'Bubba' Whitfield and the service he has provided to our family.

    Bubba, Bobby, Whitfield, or whatever you knew him as - this guy was old school with a touch of new school. He started in the days where their was no OHS and you didn…

  • Truck 32

    Merry Christmas Boss

    Merry Christmas Woodsy! When truck 84 was retired from service we knew we needed something to replace the void. Please welcome truck 32 to our fleet. This impressive rear mount has a 6.8m tray capable of carrying 9 tonne. It ticks all the boxes, fall protection rails inbuilt into the tray, front & rear stabilisers and much more.

    Special thanks to the following suppliers who helped…

  • Lifting

    Choo Choo

    Reach Crane Trucks teamed up with Haslin Constructions earlier this week to install the protection barriers at Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia Station. These barriers are designed to protect the pedestrians from local traffic over the railway bridge.

    Reach Crane Trucks provides convenience, hassle-free pick up and delivery of goods and merchandise where loading or unloading is a…